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Arepa Sifrina

Although Arepa Sifrina has its own name, it is as a variant of the arepa reina pepiada. The only difference between these fabulous presentations is the grated yellow cheese. However, despite their similarities, you will find a great difference in their flavors.

Evolution of arepas

Until the beginning of the 20th century, arepas were eaten as an accompaniment to food, just like bread in many countries. This was changing and after a few years it was considered a main dish in Venezuelan gastronomy.

This change was mainly related to its fillings, which also gave name to a wide variety of arepas.

Arepa sifrina: Why this name?

Some Venezuelan arepa names originate from the filling itself, as is the case of the arepa de carne mechada or the arepa de jamón y queso, for example. In other cases, the name is related to the appearance of the arepa and its filling, as is the case of the arepa domino, arepa catira or arepa sifrina.

It is believed that the name of this arepa is related to the yellow strands of grated cheese, reminiscent of the beautiful hair of some blonde women or “sifrinas”.

In Venezuela, the term “sifrina” or “sifrino” is used to describe, in a somewhat derogatory way, wealthy and conceited people who show or pretend to show a luxurious life. They are characterized by closing and moving their mouths in a very particular way when speaking. This movement is known as “mandibuleo”.

Arepa Sifrina Recipe

The arepa sifrina is very similar to the arepa reina pepiada, it contains the same filling made with chicken, avocado and mayonnaise, among others. The only thing that differentiates them is the grated yellow cheese, which must be incorporated at the time of filling it.

⏳ Preparation time: 20 min.

📝 Ingredients arepa sifrina:

🥘 Preparation of the Arepa Sifrina:

Use a vegetable grater to grate the yellow cheese into strands.
Take the arepa on one side (it is advisable to use a napkin to do this). Then, cut little by little with a knife until you open almost the entire circumference of the arepa.

Once opened, add the reina pepiada filling with the help of a spoon. Finally, add the grated yellow cheese in strands.

That’s it! You can now enjoy your delicious arepa sifrina.



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